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Fargete plastposer med sirkler uten logo

kr 750,00kr 850,00

Buy plastic bags without logo / print. Affordable plastic bags of different sizes with very short delivery times, only two to three days.


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Black, red or pink plastic bags with circles on a matte background are a stylish bag without a logo. This bag fits you who do not need to profile your brand or if you need your delivery within days.

We always find the solution that best suits you whether you order for a small shop or for a large chain.


  • Small – Size 25×35 + 8  (1,000 pcs) NOK 790 
  • Medium – size 45×50 + 8    (pink / red 500 pcs, black 600 pcs)  kr 850 kr


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  • Rosa
  • Red

Colored plastic bags with circles without logo print from stock

Delivery time: about 2-3 days

Material:   LDPE

Colors: Black | Red | Pink

Thickness: 50 min

Hank: Punched out with reinforcement

Bottom: With


  • Small – Size 25×35 + 8  (1,000 pcs) NOK 790 
  • Medium – size 45×50 + 8    (pink / red 500 pcs, black 600 pcs)  kr 850 kr



  • Green Point : We are a member of the recycling scheme Grønt Punkt Norge, and all our bags are approved by Grønt Punkt.
  • 100% recyclable : Our plastic bags consist of 100% pure material that Grønt Punkt Norge recommends. Throw them in the plastic waste so they can turn into new plastic.
  • 100% renewable energy : All our plastic bags are produced with energy from 100% renewable sources.


environmental Vett

  • Use the bag several times! Take it back to the store as long as it is good.
  • Use dirty plastic bags again as a waste bag and dispose of a broken bag in the plastic waste.
  • Make sure the plastic bag does not go astray. Plastic has nothing to do in the field, in the mountains or in the water.


Our products are of the best quality and expose your brand time and time again.

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